As a certified CAO (Combined Airworthiness Organization), we take over the complete service for maintaining the airworthiness of your aircraft, referred to as CAMO for short.

Tasks of the CAMO include:

  • Management of continuing airworthiness and development of aircraft maintenance programs
  • Supervising the approval of modifications, repairs and maintenance
  • Supervise that all maintenance is carried out in accordance with the approved aircraft maintenance programme
  • Monitoring of manufacturer instructions and airworthiness directives
  • Monitoring and planning of maintenance tasks and deferred maintenance items
  • Documentation / Tech-Log monitoring and storage of aircraft files
  • Management of the operating time overviews
  • Creation of appropriate maintenance contracts
  • Assistance with ferry flights and registrations
  • AOG - service
  • Carrying out an airworthiness review on the aircraft (physical inspection and review of the records) and issuing or extending the ARC
  • Correspondence with the authorities such as LBA, Federal Network Agency or the responsible district government.