Piper PA-28R-200 Avionics 2023

What we got

Die PA-28R-200 Baujahr 1975  ist für den VFR-Einsatz vorgesehen und war mit einem Garmin GNS530( Non-WAAS) ausgerüstet. Nachdem ein Defekt am NAV-Board festgestellt und auch der offizielle Support von Garmin für dieses GNS-Modell eingestellt wurde, hat sich der Kunde für eine Umrüstung auf Avidyne Avionik entschieden. Die Maschine soll zu einem späterem Zeitpunkt noch weiter modernisiert werden.

The new avionics

In order to keep the installation time and thus the downtime of the PA-28 short, the customer decided on a "plug & play solution". The Avidyne IFD540 can be exchanged 1:1 against the existing Garmin GNS530. Only the existing GPS antenna was replaced by a WAAS GPS antenna.

In addition, unlike Garmin's GTN devices, Avidyne's IFD devices have Bluetooth and Wifi, which makes it possible to connect an iPad (with the complete IFD displayed on the iPad). In the course of the conversion, the intercom should be expanded to 4 seats and the audio system should be modernized. The choice fell on the Avidyne AMX240. It offers the possibility to "monitor" the standby frequency of the IFD540. This means that two 8.33 kHz frequencies (even up to 4 when using 2x IFD) can be monitored, although only one 8.33 kHz radio is installed.

The following components were installed:

·  1 x Avidyne IFD540
·  1 x Avidyne AMX240

In the course of the conversion, the cabling of the old audio system and the separate intercom was completely removed and renewed in order to reduce later sources of error. The old defective ADF was also removed to generate space for later conversions.

The result is impressive. A perfect solution for replacing the defective GPS device and a solid basis for future plans.
We wish you always a good flight.